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Understand that no impairment, be it physical or mental, is ineligible for the DTC on the basis of diagnosis alone; it is very important for qualified persons to keep in mind that there is no disorder or mental function which renders a person categorically ineligible for the DTC. For instance, if you or a loved one have a learning disability

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Absolutely, there is nothing preventing you from doing this. We are, however, seeing an increasing number of people coming to us who have been rejected by the CRA after attempting this on their own and the appeal process is long and more stringent in its requirements.

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Once you have the DTC it is important that you file your taxes with someone who understands the specific intricacies of this special tax circumstance.

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We are pleased to introduce our “Dream Force”, highly motivated disability specialists who will go to your home and work with you and your medical practitioner, if necessary, to help you acquire the Disability Tax Credit Certificate.

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