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Disability and Estate Planning

If your estate plan will include assisting or protecting an individual who’s mental and/or physical disabilities leave him or her dependent on others, careful planning is necessary in order to add to their security and quality of life.

The plans you make can have a major impact on the financial future or your disabled beneficiary and the following are considerations and issues to consider, including;

  • How can your estate plan provide an excellent standard of living for your beneficiary with a disability?
  • Will they be able to manage money sufficiently enough and survive without provincial support benefits?
  • Will they have opportunities to earn an income and to support themselves?
  • What happens if the primary caregiver becomes disabled too?
  • What happens if the primary caregiver dies?
  • Will they be able to maintain their eligibility for government income benefits and if so, how can your estate plan most effectively maintain and supplement these benefits and services?
  • Will they need help with housing or maintaining a home?