You May Be Entitled to REFUNDS in excess of $40,000

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Find out the power of the Disability Tax Credit.

Benefits of the DTC

The DTC was created to reduce the amount of tax the government takes from people who incur more expenditures than the majority to support their lifestyle, but once you have it you are granted access to other valuable tax-related benefits and programs. All of these benefits are focused on helping you keep more of your income to support your specific circumstances.

Lump-sum refunds for you or your caregiver and we will ensure you get approved for the earliest you are eligible to receive it, or for 10 years, which is the maximum. Our initial assessment will determine when you became eligible for the credit and we take great pride in making sure that you receive the credit when you are entitled to it.

There will be reduced future taxes for you or your eligible caregiver for the number of years that you are eligible for the DTC and the potential savings for each year is about $1,600 a year, indexed to inflation. By using our service we will make sure that you stay informed about all of your options going forward.

You will also be entitled to other tax credits and deduction which include:

  • Caregiver Amount
  • Child Disability Benefit
  • Infirm Dependant Tax Credit
  • Medical Expenses
  • Attendant Care Expenses
  • Tuition and Education Credits
  • Child Fitness Amount
  • Working Income Tax Benefit Supplement
  • Refundable Medical Expense Credit
  • Home Buyers Tax Credit

Eligibility to open a Registered Disability Savings Plan and have up to $90,000 in matching grants and bonds deposited into your account. Read more about the Registered Disability Savings Plan.

Our Holistic estate planning options for you and your family.

At the end of this you will realize that our friendly and helpful Specialists will maximize your refund by also determining if there is any disability or medical tax credits that you have overlooked and will take advantage of any unclaimed tax refunds from previous years.

The next step is to schedule a free consultation either on the phone or in your own home, where we will:

  • Assess your very own unique situation
  • Determine whether you qualify for tax refunds
  • Provide answers to all of your questions
  • Tell you what to expect

There is no cost to you as we nominally charge a contingency fee of 15% on successful outcomes and all future benefits going forward are yours to keep.

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