You May Be Entitled to REFUNDS in excess of $40,000

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Income Tax Recovery

Many people are unaware of the tax benefits that the government has in place to improve the lives of those dealing with mental or physical challenges on a daily basis. Fortunately, the government allows eligible persons to file tax adjustments for missed years, up to a maximum of ten years. What does this mean to your specific situation?

  • The government will reimburse you income tax paid over the past ten years, if you qualify, including applicable interest.
  • The average amount we receive on behalf of our clients is between $15,000 and $24,000 and the most we have recovered is over $50,000.

Some other benefits if you hire us to process your Disability Tax Credit and investigate your past income taxes include:

  • There may be tax credits available to transfer to other family members.
  • The tax returns of other family members could be affected favourably if we can arrange them in a beneficial way.
  • We will check all re-assessments carefully to ensure that they are calculated properly.

Some examples of missed items that we found on clients’ past taxes include:

  • RRSP receipts not used
  • Medical expenses not calculated properly or used efficiently
  • Carrying charges not utilized
  • Union dues and donations that were left unclaimed
  • Moving expenses that were forgotten
  • Spousal and child support deductions never claimed