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Disabilities and the Tax System

The Canadian income tax system provides for a number of important benefits and deductions for people with disabilities and their families. The most important one is the Disability Tax Credit, which is a non-refundable tax credit that reduces the amount of tax a person will pay in consideration of an impairment they may be living with on a daily basis. This applies to any person with a mental or physical impairment that is markedly restricting their ability to conduct one or more of the daily necessary activities.

If this applies to you it can dramatically affect your ability to perform simple functions necessary to caring for yourself; they include, but are not limited to dressing, feeding, walking, bathing, visual or auditory, and cognitive or mental limitations. If a person has any of these issues it can be very difficult and costly to live and their routine must be significantly modified to cope.

People in situations like this will inevitably have additional expenditures that the average person does not. That is precisely why the Disability Tax Credit was created; to reduce the amount of tax the government takes from people who incur more expenditures than the majority to support their lifestyle.

This retroactive portion of the DTC is the most important part initially and it is a fairly large amount of non-taxable money coming to you in 2-4 instalments. On average, these payouts can range from $8,000 to over $35,000, depending on your individual situation and circumstances. Call us or fill in the online inquiry, and we will then assess and review your tax situation and, if necessary, prepare, file and defend your claim.

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