You May Be Entitled to REFUNDS in excess of $40,000

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Can I File for the DTC on my own?

Absolutely, there is nothing preventing you from doing this. We are, however, seeing an increasing number of people coming to us who have been rejected by the CRA after attempting this on their own and the appeal process is long and more stringent in its requirements. The government will likely take any opportunity to find a loophole in the documents you provide to them. We strongly believe that it is of the upmost importance to have trained professionals in your corner to properly assist you.

We have also noticed that many of the individuals who have successfully applied for the DTC have not maximized what they are entitled to and generally receive refunds well below what they were entitled to. We can help you here by filing adjustments and making sure you get all that you are entitled to.

  • We will submit all adjustment requests in order to maximize your refunds.
  • Our adjustments will provide significant tax savings now and in the future.
  • We will provide all the support needed regarding adjustments.
  • You will not pay a thing until there is a tax refund or child benefit refund.