You May Be Entitled to REFUNDS in excess of $40,000

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The Dream Force

We are pleased to introduce our “Dream Force”, highly motivated disability specialists who will go to your home and work with you and your medical practitioner, if necessary, to help you acquire the Disability Tax Credit Certificate.

They will conduct a free eligibility assessment and free tax review during these home visits, along with invaluable expertise in assisting you to demystify the process. Our Dream Force specialists will help you make the most of the Disability Tax Credit, Registered Disability Savings Plan, Canadian Disability Savings Grant, Canada Disability Savings Bond, and the Child Disability Benefit.

Each of these programs has complicated procedures and benefits and it is only through detailed discussions with knowledgeable professionals on the Dream Force that you can be assured of success.

We want to make sure that every eligible Canadian resident knows how to access this entitlement under the Income Tax Act and the best course of action to get started is to Request A Consultation with us. We welcome the opportunity to improve your financial landscape, and your daily life.