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Manulife Critical Illness, Dental, Health and Travel Insurance

If you need affordable and flexible health, dental, travel or critical illness insurance, Manulife and Disability Dreams Group has a solution for you. If you are looking for the security of extended health care coverage, just click below to get started.

Flexcare, FollowMe Health and CI 

Flexcare provides supplemental health care coverage if you are not part of a group or employee health plan. You can chose from 7 core plan options based upon your needs and budget and further customize your plan with add on options.

FollowMe Health is designed to offer health and dental coverage when your employment or group benefits end.

CI (critical illness) insurance is a simple, affordable financial protection plan if you are diagnosed with a critical illness. Coverage is available up to the age of 65 without medical questions, height and weight or family history requirements.

Association Health & Dental 

The association health and dental plan is designed to offer small or large associations and small businesses with an individual health and dental insurance plan. It is also suitable for individuals that are looking for supplemental health care coverage.


Manulife travel insurance is designed for travelling Canadians, students and visitors to Canada. If you are travelling out of province, Manulife travel insurance helps protect against the unexpected emergencies that may occur during the trip. These costs are only marginally covered by provincial health insurance.

If you have family or friends coming to Canada, the Manulife travel insurance for visitors can help protect against the cost of unexpected medical emergencies.

Manulife insurance for students is designed for Canadian students studying abroad or out of province and for international students studying in Canada. Travel insurance for students can get up to $2 million in benefits if a medical emergency strikes unexpectedly.