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What We Do

We will first explain what the Disability Tax Credit is, and how it works to benefit you in many different areas of your financial landscape.

We then assess your personal situation to gain an in-depth understanding of the circumstances affecting your daily life. This discussion provides us with the background information to make a decision on the validity of your case.

After we gather all the relevant information regarding your impairment, we will issue a recommendation in consideration of your situation. If we believe your case is eligible for the DTC and we are confident in Canada Revenue Agency approval, we will issue you a Personal Review stating that we will take your case.

You will never have to contact the government; we will do all the communicating with the Canada Revenue Agency.

You will need to see the doctor as per the requirements of the disability tax process, but we will talk with you before this appointment and coach you appropriately as to what to ask the doctor.

We will provide you with forms that have been preconfigured so that the portions that you are required to fill in are clearly marked for easy completion.

You can rest assured that we take most of the stress out of this process, as it can be very frustrating and daunting when looked at. We will break it down for you in order for you to clearly see the cumulative benefits available through the Disability Tax Credit certificate.

Once we have successfully filed your case, we will perform a follow-up review of your financial and tax position in order to give you suggestions and guidance for developing an ongoing plan.

Once the case has been examined from all angles, we will set a timetable for you to return for renewal of the DTC certificate. Lastly, we encourage you to contact us at tax time to ensure that your deduction and other eligible benefits relating to your DTC case are still maximized.

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