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Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped(AISH)

Alberta provides its residents with financial and health-related assistance to eligible adults with a disability.>

If you have a permanent disability which limits your ability to earn a living you may qualify for a monthly living allowance up to $1,588. The amount received depends on your family income. The AISH program also has health benefits and family support for the parents of children with disabilities. In order to qualify the disability must be permanent and substantially limit the person's ability to earn a living. If you qualify for AISH you might also qualify for the disability tax credit. If you apply for and qualify for the disability tax credit you are then able to claim the disability amount on your tax return and substantially increase the amount of tax refund you will receive. In addition to the tax benefit, you are then able to open a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). Similar to the Federal education savings program the RDSP will greatly enhance your ability to save and invest for your retirement. One of the key benefits is that the assets held in the RDSP do not count against income levels when determining AISH or any similar Federal programs such as CPP disability benefit.

Alberta has taken many positive initiatives to help more Albertans with disabilities enter the workforce and realize their full potential by adopting and Employment First approach. The program provides opportunities to increase4 income, learn new skills, build new relationships and have a rewarding career. If you live in Alberta and have a disability or know someone who has and would like more information on AISH and other related government programs you can call toll free in Alberta at 1-866-477-8589

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